Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The US and the Gaza Murders: A Perpetrator, not a Mediator

As Israel continues to murder civilians by dropping precision bombs on Gaza, some are claiming that Washington is powerless to hold Israel back.

This is false.  If it wanted to, the US could bomb the Israeli airfields and take out Netanyahu's command and control, as it did to Saddam Hussein's.

Or, if it didn't want to go that far in defense of Palestinian life, the US could simply impose an immediate full-scale cutoff of its aid to Israel.

The US will not take either step because rather than being a mediator, the US is in this case a perpetrator.  It is one of the killers, on Israel's side.

Just as Russia bears responsibility for the crimes of its client forces in Ukraine, the US bears responsibility for the crimes of its far-closer client, Israel.

Those are American F-16s bombing Gaza.  Those children die from US shrapnel.

Their deaths are on the heads of both Israel and the United States.

Allan Nairn

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