Thursday, April 18, 2013

Guatemala, the Beginning of Justice

The genocide trial of General Efrain Rios Montt is only the beginning of justice.  Rios Montt was only one player in the slaughter of a quarter million Guatemalans.  All of the other officials involved should also face criminal charges.

One of them, General Otto Perez Molina, Guatemala's current president, was commander in the field during the massacres for which Rios Montt has been indicted.

Another, Ronald Reagan, the prime foreign sponsor of the Rios Montt killings, is of course deceased but many of his top aides are still available.

Bringing Presidents -- and Americans -- to justice may seem like a political pipe dream but that's what they said to the Mayan survivors who first thought of trying Rios Montt.

It took thirty years and much effort and blood but today he faces Guatemalan justice.   How long will it take Americans to reach a comparable level of civilization -- one which would finally enable the US to enforce the law against its own officials? 

Allan Nairn

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