Monday, May 13, 2013

Additional Evidence on Perez Molina

General Otto Perez Molina, the President of Guatemala, didn't want his name coming up during the Rios Montt trial. (See post of April 18).

But one witness implicated Perez Molina in the atrocities, and today's Wall Street Journal notes that additional testimony may be available.

Nicholas Casey reports: "Another witness in the [Rios Montt genocide] trial, a Mayan peasant named Tiburcio Utuy, also testified in a separate investigation against Mr. Rios Montt in Spain that Mr. Perez Molina ordered him to be tortured in the 1980s.  Mr. Utuy wasn't asked about Mr. Prez Molina in the Guatemala trial because the current president wasn't the trial's focus... 

In a 2010 article* about human rights crimes related to torture accusations against Mr. Perez Molina during 1982 and 1983, The Wall Street Journal interviewed six other villagers from towns he commanded who accused him and soldiers he commanded in killing civilians whom the witnesses said had nothing to do with rebels.  Among those who named Mr. Perez Molina in the killings were two of the men he commanded at the time." (Nicholas Casey, "Guatemala Genocide Case Pressures Leader," The Wall Street Journal, May 13, 2013). 

Rios Montt is in prison but those who carried out his plan are still free.  

If serious investigations are permitted, there will be no shortage of evidence.

Allan Nairn

*The Wall Street Journal has corrected its piece to note that the witness article ran in 2011, not in 2010.

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