Friday, June 27, 2014

Regarding the Late Gus Dur

The press is now reporting that the family of the late Gus Dur has said they would like to meet me.

I would be very happy to do so.  I hope we can arrange it.

According to the reports, Alissa Qotrunnada Munawaroh Rahman (Alissa Wahid), the former President's eldest daughter, said they would like to talk to me about the comments that General Prabowo made to me about her father.

(For a report on my discussions with Prabowo see "'Do I have the guts,' Prabowo asked, 'am I ready to be called a fascist dictator?'" and "'Apa saya cukup punya nyali,' tanya Prabowo, 'apa saya siap jika disebut 'diktator fasis'?").

I hope that General Prabowo and the TNI (the Indonesian Armed Forces) will not try to stop me from meeting the Wahid family.

I note that Prabowo's campaign said that TNI was ready to capture me (See "A Response and Several Challenges to General Prabowo" and "Tanggapan dan Beberapa Tantangan Saya untuk Jenderal Prabowo") and that the press has reported that I have become a "TNI Operational Target" ("Jurnalis Asing Allan Nairn Jadi TO TNI").

I would ask the TNI to clarify if they are acting on their own behalf or on Prabowo's.

Allan Nairn

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"Keluarga Gus Dur Ingin Temui Allan Nairn

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