Sunday, November 2, 2014

Meeting Monday With Komnas HAM, the Indonesian Government Human Rights Commission

I am due to meet today (1:00 pm, Monday, November 3 WIB) with Komnas HAM, the Indonesian government Human Rights Commission.

The agenda will be up to the commissioners, but I hope we will be able to discuss my recent interviews with Gen. Hendropriyono and their implications for legal prosecutions.

Hendropriyono admitted "command responsibility" (tanggung jawab komando) in the 2004 assassination of Munir, and agreed to stand trial for Munir and the massacres in Talangsari ('89) and East Timor ('99).  

He also agreed that he was calling for the release of all internal Indonesian and US government documents relating to these atrocities.  

The agencies holding such documents include BIN (Indonesian intelligence), the TNI (armed forces) and POLRI (national police), and the US CIA and NSA and the US State Department and White House.

Appropriate targets for prosecution for killing civilians include Generals Hendropriyono, Wiranto, Prabowo, Ryamizard, Sjafrie and Sutiyoso, as well as the ex intelligence man As'ad.

As'ad was Hendropriyono's top deputy at the time of the Munir assassination and is currently touted as a top candidate to be President Jokowi's new BIN chief.

It has been reported that Generals Sjafrie and Sutiyoso are also in contention for the BIN job.

Gen. Ryamizard has just been appointed as Indonesia's new Defense Minister .  

And just as Hendropriyono bears command responsibility for the assassination of Munir,  Ryamizard bears command responsibility for the massacres by his forces in Aceh.

Gen. Wiranto is under UN indictment for command responsibility in '99 Timor.

Hendropriyono's acceptance of command responsibility strengthens the cases against these generals.

I especially would like to urge that Komnas HAM investigate the US government, and move the Indonesian authorities toward prosecution of US officials.

General Hendropriyono told me that he worked with the CIA.  

At the time of the Munir assassination, CIA and BIN had a "liason relationship."

All of the Indonesian officials named above had US government backing and sponsorship.

Hendropriyono, Prabowo and Sjafrie were especially close to US agencies (CIA, DIA, and Special Forces, respectively), and Wiranto received a US green light at a crucial moment in the Timor terror.

Indonesian authorities could subpoena US documents and call US officials to testify.  And they have the right to indict US officials who served as murder accomplices.

I will tell Komnas HAM that I will do whatever I can to aid their efforts.

Allan Nairn

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