Monday, September 26, 2016

Debate Night 1, 2016. Notes on Trump and Clinton: Restraint

The US policy has been to run the world and Trump has said he's against that.

But thats also what Bush Junior said.  Just as Trump is doing with Clinton, Bush ran to the left of Gore on intervention and repudiated nation building.

And then Bush responded to the attack of 9/11 by invading and occupying two nations, causing the death of perhaps a million civilians and sending US troops into sustained combat.

Does anyone think that once Trump takes office attacks on US targets will cease?

And does anyone think that Trump will be more restrained in responding to such attacks than Bush?

And, for that matter, will Trump allow himself to be called less of a drone killer than Obama?

Trump talks about nuclear weapons for Saudi Arabia.  He backs the Egyptian mass killer al Sisi even more warmly than does Clinton.  And Trump wants to give more weapons to Israel than does either Obama or Clinton.

Trump says he will sink Iranian ships if their sailors give the US the finger and will void the Iran nuclear deal which inevitably -- from the DC point of view -- will then require outright bombing.

So, open war in yet another country.

And in Syria, Trump says of ISIS, that he will stand beside them if they take the fight to Assad.


Whichever gets elected, mass murder wins.  The question is how much murder?

The bureaucrats of the US killing system tend to back Hillary Clinton.

The murder adventurers Cheney and Rumsfeld are backing Donald Trump.

The murder bureaucracy isn't going away.  Trump and Congress will sustain it.  He openly calls for mass expansion of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.

But Trump adds the additional element of animal spirits to the death business.

He has the gleam of a nuclear gamble that a Cheney or a Gen. Curtis LeMay could appreciate.

He has already called for China to "disappear" Kim Jong Un.

Those who think that the white supremacist proto-fascist will be less lethal abroad are failing to look at Trump's proposals and failing to look at the past. 

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