Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tweets During the Guatemalan Uprising of 2015 and the Fall of Perez Molina: August 24 Installment

By Allan Nairn (@AllanNairn14)

@AllanNairn14  Aug 24
53)The only ones who have not yet abandoned Guatemalan Pres Gen Perez Molina r Army/Police commanders,some diehard oligarchs,&…#JuicioTito

54)...some corrupt politicians/officials.The highest profile force now pushing 2 keep him (Perez Molina)in power is th US/Europe #JuicioTito

55) The US/Europe say privately they want "stability," but its the stability of theft, hunger, and terror. #JuicioTito

56) The US would never tolerate a full murder prosecution/ investigation of its long-time protege, Perez Molina. #JuicioTito

57) Neither would CACIF, the oligarchs, who ran their own civilian death squads. #JuicioTito

58) But CACIF sees that Perez Molina has lost control of the populace. They want to move him out, for corruption ... #JuicioTito

59)..&in th hope of retaining control of hs successor(VP Maldonado Aguirre,ex MLN,th self-described"party of organized violence”)#JuicioTito

60)...and in the hope of deactivating the popular movement and getting control of any "reform" process... #JuicioTito

61)...&in response 2 th fear that if Perez M stays,th protests will progress frm th issue of corruption 2th issue of mass murder #JuicioTito

62) But even on narrow corruption grounds, keeping Gen. Perez Molina (@ottoperezmolina) in office is wrong... #JuicioTito

63)...It gives him (Perez Molina) time to find & destroy evidence & to use the wealth & coercive powers of the state ...  #JuicioTito

64) ... to bribe, intimidate, and incapacitate witnesses, prosecutors, judges, legislators, and election commissioners ... #JuicioTito

65)It also gives him time 2 steal far more money.Keeping Perez M in office makes th prospect of real reform far more difficult . #JuicioTito

66)In Guate criminal court-& live on national TV-th public is now hearing phone intercepts implicating Perez M's ex VP in theft..#JuicioTito

67)..Imagine if th US were this advanced,& in a US crim court it were possibl to hear th NSA intercepts implicating US VPs&Prezs #JuicioTito

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