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Tweets During the Guatemalan Uprising of 2015 and the Fall of Perez Molina: August 23 Installment

By Allan Nairn (@AllanNairn14)

@AllanNairn14  Aug 23
1)Guatemalan PresGen Otto Perez Molina may b tried fr corruptn.But he shld also b put on trial fr massacre,torture,assassination #JuicioTito

2) Perez Molina implemented the Rios Montt program of massacre in the Ixil.  I interviewed him then and he told me, on film, ... #JuicioTito

3) ..all the families are with the guerrillas.” #JuicioTito See:

4)Perez Molina,a special Kaibil troop &US protege,ws using th pseudonym“Major Tito”  His subordinates told me how they massacred #JuicioTito

5)Under Tito’s command,fm Nebaj,his men swept thru th mountns.Thy burnt & bombed villages,raped,strangled civilians& committed…#JuicioTito

6) ... many hundreds of murders. #JuicioTito 

6)Tito’s men told me it didn’t matter that the victims were unarmed, including old people, women, children. #JuicioTito

7)Their crimes were genocidal.  They rank with those of today’s ISIS. And their commander later became the country’s president. #JuicioTito

8)But Perez Molina/Tito,though criminally responsible,was following orders from the top.His boss was th dictatorGen. Rios Montt #JuicioTito

9)Rios Montt and Perez Molina had the full support of the United States (and Israel).  Tito proudly showed me his US-weaponry. #JuicioTito

10)One of Tito’s officrs,Lt Romeo Sierra,a leader of massacres,told me thUS support was determinative-“definitivo"-in their work #JuicioTito

11)Within Guatemala, it was the oligarchs (CACIF) who backed Rios Montt, the army, and the massacres. #JuicioTito

12)Now th oligarchs have abandoned a sinking ship.With Perez Molina in corruption trouble thy have belatedly called4 him 2quit.. #JuicioTito

13) But they, CACIF/ the oligarchs, don’t want a murder trial for Perez Molina. #JuicioTito

14)When a Guat trial court convicted Rios Montt of genocide CACIF demanded th verdict b set asideThe corrupt high court complied #JuicioTito

15)CACIF cn’t tolerate criminal trials becuz most murders were done by th natl army thy sponsored.&,still more dangerous fr thm..#JuicioTito

16) ... a significant number of the '80s murders were done by CACIF oligarchs personally. #JuicioTito

17)In th‘80s,young oligarchic men wld organize their own civilian death squads.Thr targets wr unionists, peasant lders,students.#JuicioTito

18)Thy killed in concert w th far mor prolific Guat army/policeBut many rich boys took specl pride in gettng thr own hands dirty #JuicioTito

19) These Guatemalan oligarchy death squads were the counterparts of the D’Aubuisson death squads of El Salvador... #JuicioTito

20) Indeed, the Guatemala and ES oligarchy death squads sometimes trained together, and shared intel on cross-border targets. #JuicioTito

21)Today those murdering young CACIF men r in their 50s,60s.Th skeletons in thr closets are literal.Thy cant risk actual justice #JuicioTito

22)But suddenly,as if from a coma,parts of Guatemala hve awakened.Theyre in th streets, demanding justice.Th issue is corruption #JuicioTito

23) But every Guatemalan of a certain age, especially the Mayans, knows the real issue that lies beneath:... #JuicioTito

24)...the men (and some women)theyve now caught for stealing could do so becuz they had power,&they got that power due 2 murder.#JuicioTito

25)In '80,Fred Sherwood of AMCHAM,th US corp partner of CACIF,explained 2 me tht whn workers at his factory tried to unionize... #JuicioTito

26) ... he would give their names to National Police chief Col. German Chupina, the legendary rapist and torturer . #JuicioTito

27)The AMCHAM US exec Sherwood told me a joke about how Chupina was such a good torturer he could even make mummies talk. #JuicioTito

28) Sherwood said the Colonel solved his union problem by “disappearing” the workers. #JuicioTito

29)Perez Molina shld be on trial 4 murder,but so shld his US sponsors & other murderers,be they army,police,CACIF orUS corporate #JuicioTito

[30] Strting now,&in days 2 come,I’ll b tweeting facts& links re this skein of murder,incl. perhps,new info re Perez Molina, & others #JuicioTito

31) Last night, at the Palace, there were two small signs amid the massive cry for Tito’s downfall… #JuicioTito

32)One said:“Otto (Tito) el pueblo Ixil no olvida las masacres.” The other:“Cuando Los de Abajo se mueven … los de arriba caen!!”#JuicioTito

33) One sign said (rough translations):“Otto (Tito) the Ixil people will not forget the massacres”... #JuicioTito

34) The other: “When Those Below stir themselves…those who are above fall down.” #JuicioTito

35) Perez Molia/Tito me dijo,en el Ixil '82:"Todas las familias estan con la guerrilla."Su Sargento,Miguel Raimundo, me dijo:.. #JuicioTito

@AllanNairn14  Aug 23
Breaking News: US and Europe, behind the scenes, are telling Perez Molina not to resign.
They fear "collapse of the regime." #JuicioTito

Perez Molina takes the US/Eur order telling hm not 2 resign & thn in a speech 2 th natn,blames his corrup indictmt on foreigners #JuicioTito

36).."Casi toda la gente en las aldeas son guerrilleros."El Cabo Felipe,otro hombre de Tito me dijo que cuando el Ejrcito llega..#JuicioTito

37)..."Ellos huyen de sus casas. Huyen hacia la montaña. 
–¿Qué hacen ustedes? 
–Capturamos a algunos vivos, y otros ...." #JuicioTito

38)" los pdemos capturar vivos.Cndo ellos salen corriendo hcia la mntaña,nos obligan a matarlos"dijo el Cabo de Tito,Felipe #JuicioTito

39)Perez Molina/Tito told me, in the Ixil’82:”All the families are with the guerrillas.” His Sargent,Miguel Raimundo,told me:…”#JuicioTito

40).."Almost all the village people are guerrillas."Corporal Felipe,another of Tito's men, told me that when the Army arrives... #JuicioTito

41)..."They flee from their houses. They run for the mountain.
--And what do you do?
--Some we capture alive, and others..." #JuicioTito

42)"...we cant capture alive..When they run & go into th mountains tht obligates one to kill them,"said Tito's Corporal, Felipe #JuicioTito

43)Pregunte al hombre de Tito,Cabo Felipe:"Entre aquellos que uds tienen que matar,¿qué clase de gente es:hombres o mujeres?" #JuicioTito

44) Cabo Felipe (de Tito):"–Algunas veces [matamos a] hombres, otras veces mujeres. 
–¿En qué aldeas ha sucedido eso?" #JuicioTito

45) ElCabo de Tito (Felipe) sobre sus matanzas:"Ha sucedido en una serie de aldeas.En Acul,Salquil,Sumal Chiquito,Sumal Grande”#JuicioTito

46)Pregunte a Felipe, Cabo de Perez Molina/Tito"--En esas aldeas, ¿cuánta gente mataron ustedes? 
–No muchas, unas cuantas." #JuicioTito

47)"–¿[Uds mataron] más de 10,más de 20,más de 100? 
–Oh,no.Cerca de 20. 
–¿En cada aldea? 
–Sí,por supuesto.Eso no fue mucho.”#JuicioTito

48) I asked Felipe, Tito’s Corporal: ”Among those you have to kill, what kind of people are they? Are they men or women?” #JuicioTito

49)Perez Molina/Tito’s Corporal Felipe: “—At times [we kill] men, at times women.
—In which villages has this happened?” #JuicioTito

50)Tito's Corporal Felipe re massacres: ”Oh, it’s happened in lots of [villages]. In Acul,Salquil,Sumal Chiquito, Sumal Grande” #JuicioTito

51) I asked Felipe, Perez Molina/Tito’s Corporal:”-- In those villages, about how many people did you kill?
-- Not many, a few." #JuicioTito

52)"--[You killed] more than 10? More than 20? More than 100?
--Oh no, about 20
--In each village?
--Yes,of course.Its not many"#JuicioTito

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