Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tweets During the Guatemalan Uprising of 2015 and the Fall of Perez Molina: August 25 Installment

By Allan Nairn (@AllanNairn14)

@AllanNairn14  Aug 25
68)In his hour of desperation,PerezM has gone demagogue.This longtime partner of th CIA&CACIFis now denouncing th rich&foreignrs #JuicioTito

69) It is a familiar scam: Mass killers who are closest to foreign powers and th rich sometimes like to pose as their opponents..#JuicioTito

70) They claim to be nationalists while selling the country's wealth to foreign corporations…#JuicioTito

71) ... And they claim to be populists while letting the local rich starve the people. #JuicioTito

72)Th rich&foreign sponsors of th demagogue just chuckle at th charade.They know it is necessry 2 deceive th people&keep control #JuicioTito

73) In this case, thats what the US is doing. Perez Molina is still useful to them (for the moment)... #JuicioTito

74) The US doesn't want a regime collapse that could unleash a deep popular movement... #JuicioTito

75)But CACIF is having a family spat with their little brother,Tito.He has become an embarrassment.They just want him to move on #JuicioTito

Allan Nairn retweeted @guatemalajustice:
“Both #RiosMontt and #Rodriguez Sanchez will be tried behind closed doors. Only victims will be allowed to attend. #Guatemala”
Allan Nairn added: “Rios Montt killed many 1000s but he couldnt kill their souls.For eternity he will have 2 face them,& their survivors”

Gustavo Berganza @GBerganza tweeted to @Allan Nairn14:
“Lástima que no viniste a atestiguar al juicio contra Ríos y Rodríguez. Hubiera sido útil oírte hablar de Otto.”
Allan Nairn replied: “Re mi testimonio que estaba programada para el juicio1 de Ríos Montt:

Re my scheduled testimony for the first trial of Rios Montt:

English versn of interv re my scheduled Rios Montt testimony"The witness who would have accused the US & Pérez Molina”

[A]When I asked Rios Montt-a firm believer in the death penalty-if HE should be executed for his role in the slaughter..

[B]…[Rios Montt] leapt to his feet and shouted "Yes! Try me! Put me against the wall!"...

[C]But he [Rios Montt] said that the Americans should be put on trial too. 

76)Th US&CACIF at th moment disagree on if Tito shld resign.Its just a tactical difference:they both,jointly,want 2 keep control #JuicioTito

77) For decades Perez Molina helped them[US/CACIF/foreign corps]loot the country.But now that some of the people have risen up…#JuicioTito

78) ... Perez Molina's usefulness (to the US,CACIF,foreign corps) has come into question…#JuicioTito

78) The US/CACIF don't care about Perez Molina personally.They care about preventing deep, popular change.#JuicioTito

79)Tito is terrified, but the US and CACIF are scared too. They want to end this unpredictable time of crisis swiftly, quietly. #JuicioTito

80But it is in no way preordained thtUSCACIFTitoArmy will prevail.History is now-for1brief momnt-largely in th hands of th peopl #JuicioTito

Allan Nairn retweeted Prensa Libre @prensa_libre: “Cacif y empresarios no apoyan paro nacional, argumentan pérdidas en economía Vía @rbolanos_pl 
Allan Nairn added the comment: “CACIFwants2remove Tito wthout giving an opening 2 a mass movemnt.Thy want2assure that only he-not them-is overthrown

[A] Guatemala now somewhat resembles Indonesia '98 in that th elites want 2 remove their chosen leader cuz he has lost control of th people…

[B]…but want to make sure that only he falls,&that they-the elites-maintain control.In Indonesia it was the US-backed mass killer, Suharto…

[C]..In Guate it is th USbacked mass killer PerezMolina.In Indonesia,th elites succeeded.Th army took control.They had 2 concede some reforms..

[D]….but the same people still ran society.  Moments where deep change is possible are brief.In Guatemala, this is one of them.

Allan Nairn retweeted Ejército Guatemala:” @Ejercito_GT
Somos garantes de la Institucionalidad del Estado de Guatemala, esencialmente apolítico, obediente y no deliberante”
Allan Nairn added the comment:”A) The army says they are the ‘guarantors of the Institutionality of the State of Guatemala.’”

B)...Previously that has meant committingmassacre,torture,disappearance,rape,& doing so in collaboration with foreign powers like the US..

C)...Señores del Ejercito: What does "guaranteeing the Institutionality of the State of Guatemala" mean today?

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